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Explore new strategies and technologies for your digital media planning.  By Michelle Taylor, Content Strategist at Kiosk When it comes to effective marketing campaigns in… Read More

To Make Sense of Data, Get a Dashboard

Digital marketers are rarely short of data. But to unlock the value contained in your datastream, you need to be able to make sense of… Read More

Google’s Ad Blocker, Facebook’s Newsfeed and the Quest for Quality

Bad news for providers of bad ads. Google’s enabling of a built-in ad blocker for Chrome, announced in mid February, will block all ads on… Read More

Kiosk Partners with Inside Track on Enrollment Marketing Solution for Universities and Colleges

We’re proud to announce an exciting new partnership between Kiosk and InsideTrack, the leading provider of student success, enrollment, and career development coaching. We’ll be… Read More

The Year in Media, and What Comes Next in 2018

In 2017, the Advertising and Marketing industry witnessed significant progress, and many challenges, from the evolution of voice search to the spotlight on video powerhouse… Read More

Apple and Google Turn Down the Volume on Bad Ads

Tired of searching the web page you just opened to switch off the sound of autoplaying video ads? As online publishers seek to increase their… Read More

Tips for Decluttering Your PPC Accounts

It’s the time of year when flyers pop up around the neighborhood for yard sales, as people clear out their garages, basements and backyards. Without… Read More

Developer Talk: The Merits of Isolation, and Python’s Virtualnv

As Technical Director for Kiosk, I’m a big proponent of using the right tool for the right job. Sometimes that means going back to old… Read More

To Set Yourself Up for SEM Success, Set Up Alerts

Being a successful SEM manager means managing your time well, so you can manage your accounts properly. Setting up alerts can save you time and… Read More

Improved DoubleClick Display Measurement Benefits Agencies and Advertisers

Recently, DoubleClick notified users of an update to how served display impressions will be counted and verified in DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM). The notification explained… Read More

Google Changes the Rules on Local Call Extensions

When it comes to local search results, Google strives to display information that’s relevant and consistent. This is demonstrated by a recent rule change around… Read More

Kiosk Now Part of Bing’s Select Partner Program

Providing strategic, data-driven search advertising services is core to Kiosk’s client offering. As such, we’re proud to be recognized as a Select Partner in Microsoft’s… Read More

Kiosk’s Performance Marketing Team Adds Another Analyst

Kiosk is excited to add more analytical resources to our Performance Marketing team, with the recent hire of Ali Ghasemi. He brings an entrepreneurial mindset… Read More

Virtual Reality and the Online College Campus Tour

With virtual reality and 360 video, the race is on to provide people with immersive access to otherwise-inaccessible locations. For proof, look no further than… Read More

Kiosk Launches Digital Trading Desk

Kiosk has recently partnered with Centro to manage its own digital trading desk. The venture gives Kiosk the hands-on ability to plan, launch, manage, and… Read More

Google’s Expanded Text Ads Deadline Now Jan 31st, 2017

Updated : It’s been several months since Google announced the rollout of Expanded Text Ads, and the deadline for working with standard text ads is… Read More

Google Cuts Keyword Data for Lower AdWords Spenders

Google’s built a billion dollar business on the back of advertisers of all sizes, bidding on keywords to reach consumers searching online. The ability to… Read More

Goodbye Apple iAds, Hello Apple Search Ads

You could be forgiven for not noticing. But some iPhone screens are going to look a little less cluttered since Apple brought the curtain down… Read More

Getting Social in Seattle at SocialPro 2016

Social media marketing, both paid and organic, is what engages marketers at SocialPro. As the name suggests, the conference offers professional-level presentations on social marketing…. Read More

Top Five Things to Check When Auditing a PPC Account

As an SEM manager, your job inevitably includes being a PPC auditor. Revisiting your own work to check on performance? Audit. Picking up business that’s… Read More

Twenty One Things We Learned at the Payments Innovation Summit

The Payment Innovations Summit brought together a broad range of senior level payments executives to review the contemporary payments landscape and offer perspectives on this… Read More

Google Optimizes for Mobile with New Expanded Text Ads

Google continues the radical evolution of search ads, with the announcement of its new Expanded Text Ads format. As the word “expanded” implies, this format… Read More

Respecting the Power of PPC at Hero Conf Philadelphia

Kiosk landed in Philadelphia for the Hero Conf, to experience several days of PPC madness. Hero Conf is “unapologetically” devoted solely to PPC and is… Read More

Kiosk at SMX West: Search Marketing Expo Day 3

Day three of SMX West, and the Kiosk team’s gulping down coffee to keep pace with the amount of information being exchanged during sessions, in… Read More

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