China seeks AI ‘catch-up’ by creating its own ChatGPT-like tools

From University World News: “ChatGPT has left Chinese companies and universities playing catch-up and ignited a new ‘arms race’ with the United States … ChatGPT is barred in China, in part because it trained on data that is outside China’s internet firewall that keeps out Western influences. However, many have used proxy servers or VPNs to access it, creating a buzz in China. For a short period this month the government even blocked VPN access … Shanghai’s Fudan University has developed its own ChatGPT-like service MOSS, an AI-powered language tool with one-tenth the capabilities of ChatGPT. … But the Fudan University team was forced to make a public apology when MOSS crashed hours after launch on 20 February.”

View the full article from University World News.

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