Women are leading the way in the ‘Great Resignation.’ Here’s what it means for employers and job seekers

From CNBC: “A record 4.4 million people quit their jobs in September, and 4.3 million did so in August, according to the Labor Department. It was women saying ‘I quit’ more so than men, according to data from payroll provider Gusto, which serves small and medium-sized businesses. In August, the gender gap hit the widest it has been since the firm began tracking in January 2020, with the quit rate for women 1.1 percentage point higher than men’s … Some women may be quitting to pursue better opportunities and higher pay. Some may simply be burned out. Others have child- or elder-care issues. … To be sure, women have born the brunt of those responsibilities during the Covid-19 pandemic, spending 20 hours a week on caregiving and housework last year…” 

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