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Northampton University: Utilizing Facebook for Communicating with Students

A few Facebook platforms have been adopted by Northampton University to be the first port of call for communicating with students. The portal, created using Toluna’s technology, will… Read More

University Branding, Important, But Hard to Get Buy In

A recent round table was held by the Guardian to discuss the issue of university branding and what it takes to stand out in the… Read More

Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

Walgreen’s is not the first company to come to mind when people think about being a part of digital trends but maybe it should be…. Read More

Lost Opportunities in Mobile Marketing

Will $2.5 billion be wasted in 2012? So says Scott Forshay (Mobile Strategist for Acquity Group). An estimated $2.6 billion will be spent this year on mobile marketing, including… Read More

Creative Christmas

Thomas Heatherwick on his studio’s Christmas cards from Dezeen on Vimeo. I know it’s summer – but these just passed across my screen! more here:

Outside What Box?

There is a proverbial box.  It’s the place where we put the things that we can easily categorize.  It’s a box, because it’s square.  The… Read More

The Fun Theory

Volkswagen has created a fantastic site / movement around “the fun theory”. We particularly like their Piano Staircase Project which utilizes elements of play and… Read More

McLuhan’s Light Bulb

The mere expression of an idea can create meaning and interest in that idea. In Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan stated “a light bulb creates an environment… Read More

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