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How HBCUs can accelerate Black economic mobility

From McKinsey: “HBCUs confer 17 percent of all bachelor’s degrees awarded to Black students in the United States, have boosted their students into higher-income quintiles… Read More

‘We’re still behind’: Public HBCUs see record investments, but still contend with legacy of state-sponsored discrimination

From Washington Post: “Maryland’s four HBCUs, for example, will receive $577 million over a decade, after the state recently settled a 15-year court battle over… Read More

MacKenzie Scott Donated $560 million to 23 HBCUs. These are the other things they have in common

From The Chronicle: “…What distinguished the 23 institutions Scott chose from the other 78 accredited HBCUs that she didn’t? … A study led by a… Read More

Clark Atlanta University partners with one million black businesses

From Diverse Education: “One million Black-owned businesses by 2030. That’s the ambitious goal set by John Hope Bryant in October 2020. … Now, in his… Read More

HBCUs are canceling students’ debt, highlighting how integral they are to Black Americans’ lives

From CNN: “More than 20 historically Black colleges and universities have made headlines for clearing student debt using funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and… Read More

Two-thirds of 4-year colleges will not require tests for admissions

From Inside Higher Ed: “It looks like this year will be another in which testing may not be part of the admissions process, at least… Read More

Who’s had Covid-19? A national survey of students reveals disparities

From The Chronicle: “Nearly 7 percent of college students who participated in a national survey said they had been ‘sick with Covid’ during or since… Read More

Coursera vs. 2U/edX? Noodle joins the fray

From Inside Higher Ed: “… The two publicly traded companies both valued in the billions, describe themselves as ‘lifelong learning platforms’… and the main question… Read More

Op-ed: There’s another reason for the labor shortage

From CNBC: “More than 9.5 million Americans were unemployed and looking for work in June, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data. At… Read More

Biden’s free community college plan won’t succeed without robust transfer strategies

From Higher Ed Dive: “Of students who started at community colleges the year before the 2008 Great Recession, 33% transferred to four-year universities … Our… Read More

UK Turing bids exceed estimates and will fund 40,000 places from September

From The PIE: “Successful bids to the UK’s new outbound mobility program, the Turing Scheme, will allow 40,000 UK university and school students to study… Read More

Making web accessibility a priority

For many businesses, the web is the first, primary and possibly only point of contact for customers. As such, the issue of web accessibility standards… Read More

Federal funding for regional colleges?

From Inside Higher Ed: “A new report from the Brookings Institution calls for federal funding of ‘anchor institutions’ to help sustain them and allow them… Read More

Thinktank advocates ‘national’ and ‘local’ university divide

From Times Higher Education: “English higher education institutions should be split into ‘national’ and ‘local’ universities to give them a ‘clearly defined purpose’, a thinktank… Read More

Biden administration calls for ‘renewed U.S. commitment’ to international education

From The Chronicle: “The Biden administration is calling for a unified national approach to international education, saying it is time for a ‘renewed U.S. commitment’… Read More

Australia pioneers ‘stacking’ of microcredentials into degrees

From Times Higher Education: “Australia is pioneering the stacking of microcredentials into more illustrious qualifications as the pandemic injects urgency in the roll-out of lifelong… Read More

Time for a home-grown English language test, Indian agents say

From Times Higher Education: “Indian education agents are lobbying for the creation of home-grown language tests to facilitate international study amid frustration that a country… Read More

Facing a shortage of early childhood educators, states look to competency-based education

From Workshift: “Even before the pandemic, schools and childcare centers were struggling to fill those roles due to strict training and licensing requirements, the demands… Read More

Post-COVID optimism on college finances

From Inside Higher Ed: “Three-quarters of respondents to Inside Higher Ed‘s 2021 Survey of College and University Business Officers, conducted this month (July) with Hanover… Read More

Some colleges ease up on pushing undergrads into picking majors right away

From The Hechinger Report: “ ‘We’re trying to create an environment where it’s OK to change your mind, and it’s OK to not know what… Read More

Walmart to pay 100% of tuition and books for associates continuing their education

From Forbes: “The retail behemoth announced that it will pay 100% of tuition and books for its 1.5 million part-time and full-time Walmart and Sam’s… Read More

Colleges are using federal money to wipe away unpaid student balances

From The Chronicle: “A slew of colleges and universities are using Covid-19 relief funding from the federal government to clear unpaid student balances incurred during… Read More

Bankruptcy as an option for borrowers

From Inside Higher Education: “As the amount of student loan debt held by Americans continues to rise, the difficulty borrowers face in getting relief, even… Read More

Indiana U.’s vaccine mandate has survived a legal challenge. It’s still an anomaly.

From The Chronicle: “A federal judge ruled against a legal challenge to the Indiana University system’s vaccine mandate, effectively upholding the requirement that all students… Read More

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