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Mobile Advertising

Only five years ago mobile advertising made up a tiny percentage of ad budgets - pennies on the dollar. Now in 2017 over half of web traffic comes from mobile devices. With well over $20 billion in spending in the US alone, mobile internet advertising now accounts for a 3rd of all internet ad spend.

Huge fact about the small screen

The power of Google and Facebook dwarfs any other platforms in digital ad spending. That doesn’t mean there are no other viable options for mobile. But they are definitely your starting point.

Tapjoy Network maximizes mobile impact

The challenge of every mobile marketer is finding an audience that is focused on their message, not swiping and tapping to the next need to be met. That’s where the 1.9 billion mobile game players come into play.

Our client, Tapjoy, has one of the largest mobile ad networks in the world. They run mobile ads in freemium games, including high impact video ads and engaging rich media. The power is in the reward. The mobile game player earns more playing time or tokens for interacting with the ad. It’s known as ‘Rewarded Mobile.’ Everyone wins. Advertiser. Game developer. Game player.

They pay attention to the advertising because they don’t want to leave their game. Your ad is not a distraction. It’s a positive.

Best of all, the demographic of mobile gamers has moved from kids to Moms with kids – the most influential buyer in a family. As a target, Moms influence 2.4 trillion dollars of spending in the US every year.

Geo Location pinpoints your message

TV advertising, at best, knows the demographic profile and audience size of who’s watching a certain episode at a certain time. That used to be considered efficient. Ten years ago.

Today, your phone feeds you highly relevant information because it knows precisely where you are. At home, work, driving, in another city, or at a local store. Kiosk helps our clients deliver the most compelling messages at the right second. We can target people within a zip code, a city block, or even a building. Like targeting people in the Target store in Tuscaloosa.

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