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Mobile Search

Mobile has overtaken desktop and laptop for search. According to a report from Hitwise, mobile search queries in the US mobile search is roughly 60 percent of overall volume. So if you want to be found online, you best pivot some budget to mobile. We’ve been leading our clients into this brave, new world of mobile search. You’re welcome to jump onboard.

Take your mobile leads to your mobile app

Who doesn’t like speed, especially when you’re buying something online. Thing is, web shopping experiences built for a laptop don’t work as smoothly on a mobile device.

Since a majority of searches now happen on mobile, why not transition them to your mobile app and take advantage of the surging web traffic you’re getting. Your mobile Search ads can do that effectively. And Kiosk can help.

Click to call right from your ad

What could be better than driving a prospect right to your app or website? One click from their mobile phone to your call center or store might be. Many of our clients are testing this active call-to-action, especially when a short conversation proves to be the fastest way to a sale or conversion.

A close partner to PayPal

Kiosk is the lead Search Marketing partner for PayPal. You might ask what brought the world’s online payment processing giant into our world?

PayPal is numbers driven. We are too. We’re certified in Enterprise-level Google Analytics. We have our own advanced analytics tools and we’re skilled at many others.

We look at Search marketing as both a science and an art. Kiosk has mastered the data and analytics of SEM – so we can effectively measure and optimize on the fly. And, we’ve perfected the ad writing skills to help persuade and convert new customers in droves.

We’d love to talk to you about your next project

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