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Rob Brady

Photographer Rob Brady has worked with Kiosk for over a decade, bringing an expert eye to countless photoshoots on both sides of the Atlantic. Having studied photojournalism at the London College of Print, he captures bold, graphic and striking images, whether he’s taking portraits of scientists in California’s most high-tech laboratories, or location scouting in the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. He’s also helped shape the creative content of many Kiosk ads.

His work has been recognized regularly by the Roses Design Awards, the Sun Awards and the Scottish Design Awards and he has shot award-winning Kiosk creative around the world, from Los Angeles to Loch Ness. He’s a big fan of ink and is a walking canvas of work by internationally acclaimed tattoo artist Alex Binnie. When he’s not shooting, Rob enjoys surfing and hanging out with his wife and two daughters.