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The programmatic marketplace

Programmatic advertising has automated the process of media buying, at scale. Media is bought and sold algorithmically, based on criteria such as cost and desired audience. It allows advertisers to target audiences across the programmatic landscape, and seek out the best CPMs.

The power of programmatic buying

Today, more than 50% of mobile, desktop and video advertising is bought programmatically. This provides buyers with a number of advantages:

• Advanced audience targeting, using sophisticated big-data tools and databases, such as interest

• Access to more inventory, across more channels

• Rich, real-time analytics.

• Automated, data-driven optimization, and the ability to monitor performance and further optimize at your fingertips.

• The ability to serve personalized and dynamic content.

Kiosk was an early adopter of programmatic technology. We use it to drive results for clients who care about ROI. If you’re not currently taking advantage of everything programmatic buying can offer your business, give Kiosk a call.

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Kiosk manages programmatic media via an in-house digital trading desk. That way, you get more focus on optimization, from media managers who understand your goals, with more tools at their disposal to achieve results.

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