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If you can measure something and see it, can you ignore it?

Kiosk has developed a unique approach to accountable (and quantifiable) marketing. Our entire team, from designers to data scientists, looks for ways to make each customer engagement more rewarding.

Kiosk takes the time to understand our clients’ businesses. We want to know how they came to do what they do. To grasp what gets them out of bed every morning. To understand how they make money today and how they plan to make money tomorrow. To understand who their current customers are, and who they would like their future customers to be.

We ask a lot of questions. All the time.

“If we can change marketing investment into profit, we can assist our clients in investing in their products and services, in growing their people, in bettering the communities in which they operate. We believe that marketing can and should unlock value.”

By understanding our clients’ business objectives we can translate information to action, using our hard-earned knowledge of behavioral patterns to predict success.

Sometimes, clients don’t believe they have real data on their customers. We find valuable data hidden in surprising places. Other clients feel overwhelmed by data. We distill it, to create the salient metrics we can grow into a clear and robust big picture.

The science of customer engagement

We believe that smart marketing budgets are an investment in future growth and unlimited potential. To those who worry that marketing is the “L” in their “P and L”, we say that done properly, marketing can be a powerful driver of the P.

We believe that our clients’ business models are their marketing. When we turn marketing investment into profit, we enable our clients to invest in their products and services. To empower their people. To impact the communities in which they operate. We believe that smart marketing can be transformative.

With this in mind, we espouse a data-driven approach to marketing. We work collaboratively with every client to develop a dynamic marketing investment model. By deeply understanding corporate objectives and carefully projecting anticipated returns, we design a marketing mix to achieve specific goals, and identify metrics that allow us to constantly optimize for success.

For example, if our goal is to increase sales by 10%, we’ll work with our client partners to determine which elements of their product portfolio have the necessary growth potential. We assess the investment required, based on historical averages or our proprietary benchmarks. Then we deploy the appropriate mix in market. Our client-facing dashboards allow all parties to measure performance in near real-time. This allows us to adjust our marketing mix as we receive data, sometimes unearth operational difficulties that allow the whole organization to perform better and constantly improve.

This is the science of customer engagement.

We love what we do every day, we hope that we have a chance to work with you.