Kiosk Talks the Talk for Gigwalk

Animated video explains new enterprise solution

The Gig Economy is changing the paradigm of how work gets done. Think Uber as a car service or TaskRabbit for help around the house.

Gigwalk has the world’s largest network of mobile-connected people with 750,000 Gigwalkers. They’re called upon everyday at a moment’s notice to help major brands like Red Bull, Unilever and many others gain data and intelligence about how their plans are executed out in the real world.

Now those big brands are interested in an enterprise SaaS solution to help them manage their huge distributed workforces out in the field. Gigwalk selected Kiosk to craft the script, art direct and produce the video.

Kiosk created a fun, stylized animation to make this powerful B2B story feel easy, promising and understandable for CMOs, COOs and CFOs. All the big titles with ROI on their mind.