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‘I can breathe a little bit more.’ How student debt relief will affect 8 borrowers, in their words


The unasked question about the student loan bailout: What’s colleges’ responsibility?


Third of US college graduates live with parents


8 big questions as colleges start fall 2022


Understanding the metaverse: Nike gets a foot in the door with virtual sneakers

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Are we oversharing on LinkedIn?

Business is human. As the pandemic took hold and many of us were forced to work from home, we lost the casual conversations we used… Read More

Is college worth it? Biden’s loan-forgiveness plan puts the debate in overdrive

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “After Biden announced the loan-cancellation plan, conservatives railed on the unfairness of forgiving student loans but also threw shade… Read More

Borrowers in 7 states may be taxed on their student loan cancellation

From NPR: “While President Biden’s sweeping student debt relief won’t be subject to federal income tax, in seven states borrowers may have to pay state… Read More

Why aren’t student loans simple? Because this is America

From The New York Times: “If we want higher education to cost less, we should make it cheaper when people enroll. But that’s not how… Read More


PBS: “Hazing is a widespread, far-reaching practice fueled by tradition, secrecy, groupthink, power, and the desire to belong in fraternities and sororities on college campuses… Read More

You’ve dropped degree requirements. Now what?

From Work Shift: “Based on my conversations with employers there are a few concerns if hiring managers are not brought along, data is not captured,… Read More

Expanding access is not a priority for top schools – Study

From University World News: “Elite American colleges and universities are not using increases in their large endowments to facilitate access to these schools by the… Read More

Colleges burn through Covid cash trying to soften inflation for students

From Politico: “The high price of gas, food and rent is straining students’ access to higher education. In response, institutions like Benedict College are using… Read More

Do universities teach students to think critically?

From Times Higher Education: “‘The assessment done by universities doesn’t guarantee that candidates have the problem-solving skills that employers think are important, and so they… Read More

More students now prefer blended learning than in-person – survey

From Times Higher Education: “A majority of UK students now say they would prefer a mix of on-site and online tuition, according to a major… Read More

Kiosk awarded “Best Places to Work” for 10th consecutive year

Kiosk was once again recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” in the North Bay in the 2022 North Bay Business Journal’s annual… Read More

Biden’s cancellation of billions in debt won’t solve the larger problem

From The Atlantic: “The debt relief—which by one estimate could cost a total of $300 billion—is a massive benefit for Americans who have struggled to… Read More

Half of U.S. adults without degrees want more education

From The Chronicle: “Nearly half of American adults without college degrees think they need additional education to advance their careers — and just over half… Read More

The Edge: Who benefits from the surge in employer-paid tuition?

From The Chronicle: “In today’s ‘job seeker’s labor market,’ employers are looking to tuition benefits to help them attract and retain personnel. In fact, the… Read More

Apprenticeship comes to campus

From Urban: “A consortium of South Carolina historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), the Urban Institute, and businesses forged an innovative collaboration. The HBCU consortium… Read More

Job seekers with no degrees – but plenty of skills – need and deserve more

From The Hill: “Policymakers are also starting to remove degree barriers. The federal government recently released new rules that make it easier for people without… Read More

Twilight of income-share agreements to pay for college?

The Hechinger Report: “Purdue’s announcement in June that it was suspending the Back a Boiler program came as a thunderclap in the world of income-share… Read More

These are the higher-ed jobs being refilled at the highest rates

From The Chronicle: “The size of higher education’s work force has been largely restored to what it was before the pandemic began. … The position… Read More

Is scanning students’ brains the next frontier in education?

From Times Higher Education: “A team of scientists … found that observing neural changes in a group of high school students via MRI scans predicted… Read More

Survey of parents: They want to be involved in college choices

From Inside Higher Ed: “An EAB survey of 2,330 parents has found that they have become more important to students in deciding where to go… Read More

Students say room scans during online tests are invasive. Now a judge agrees.

From The Chronicle: “Judge J. Philip Calabrese … sided with the plaintiff in a ruling that’s been described by some legal observers as injecting a… Read More

The case that could overhaul college admissions

From Politico: The Students for Fair Admissions’ lawsuits against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are perhaps higher education’s most-watched… Read More

More world leaders studied in US as UK lags behind

From The PIE: “Of the world leaders who were educated overseas, more studied in the US than in any other country, according to the Higher… Read More

Online leaders: Fully in-person students will be outliers

From Inside Higher Ed: “It’s not that chief online officers expect that fully online education will dominate; they see a blended future, in which both… Read More

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