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A decade of MOOCs: A review of stats and trends for large-scale online courses in 2021

From EdSurge: “In 2021, two of the biggest MOOC providers had an ‘exit’ event. Coursera went public, while edX was acquired by the public company… Read More

Model for the future? One fully online university’s stunning success

From University Business: “While others have slumped through the pandemic, Western Governors has grown enrollment and continued to innovate. A month ago, Western Governors University… Read More

In China, online degrees on hold, even as MOOCs rise

From EdSurge: “With China muscling its way into the first ranks as a global power in science and technology … surpassing the U.S. in PhD… Read More

Enrollment marches downward

From Inside Higher Ed: “Enrollments continued to fall nationwide despite a full in-person return to campus last semester for many colleges and universities, the latest… Read More

More than 1 million fewer students are in college. Here’s how that impacts the economy

From NPR: “‘It’s very frightening,’ says Doug Shapiro, who leads the research center at the National Student Clearinghouse, where the new data comes from. ‘Far… Read More

11 trends that will shape work in 2022 and beyond

From Harvard Business Review: “The level of volatility will only increase in 2022. New variants will continue to emerge and may cause workplaces to temporarily… Read More

Variants fuel decline in student mental health

From Inside Higher Ed: “Almost nine in 10 college students think campuses are facing a mental health crisis, according to a new survey from TimelyMD,… Read More

DataPoints: How manufacturers are addressing the skills shortage

From American Association of Community Colleges: “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturers had more than 1 million open jobs in October 2021. …… Read More

Foreign students lose hope of return amid COVID outbreaks

From University World News: “The outlook has darkened for international students shut out of China since March 2020 … An initial batch of international students,… Read More

Is block teaching the future of university pedagogy?

From Times Higher Education: “Block teaching is a model whereby students are taught one subject at a time, usually over a period of between three… Read More

Study: Re-enrolling and finishing degrees boosts income

From Inside Higher Education: “Students who return to college and finish their bachelor’s degrees have immediate increases in annual income after graduation, as well as… Read More

The Edge: Transportation is a basic need

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “While only a few institutions currently provide or facilitate low-cost access to transportation — typically through subsidies for bus,… Read More

The pandemic accelerates a decline in campus-based child care

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “In 2004 roughly 60 percent of public colleges had campus child care centers. By 2019 only 45 percent did…. Read More

Student Voice: My college helped save me so I can get a job saving others

From The Hechinger Report: “Nationwide nearly 50 percent of students are experiencing some form of housing insecurity. The number is even more alarming at two-year… Read More

A ‘double whammy’

From Inside Higher Ed: “Community colleges also have the added challenge of responding to Omicron while trying to stem the exodus of students. Enrollment at… Read More

Long disparaged, education for the skilled trades is slowly coming into fashion

From The Hechinger Report: “Young men in jackets and ties walk along tidy walkways that connect the redbrick buildings of the 220-acre campus of the… Read More

Fewer high school graduates go straight to college

From Inside Higher Ed: “The share of high school students enrolling directly in college continues to fall, data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center… Read More

Class action suit filed against top private college

From Inside Higher Ed: “A class action suit was filed Sunday against 16 private colleges and universities, charging them with running a ‘cartel’ and violating… Read More

US international HE ‘reinforces racism,’ study finds

From University World News: “United States university internationalisation practices and policies reproduce and reinforce cultural and social racism, according to a recent study based on… Read More

Colleges are hiring, but do people want to work there?

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “In an effort to cut costs, an institution may have laid off hourly workers or not done a particularly… Read More

South Carolina assault on tenure ‘will drive academics away’

From Times Higher Education: “Republicans in the US state of South Carolina are making a bid to end tenure outright at their state universities, escalating… Read More

A surprising reason keeping students from finishing college: A lack of transportation

From The Hechinger Report: “Transportation can account for almost 20 percent of the cost of college for commuters, according to the College Board; 87 percent… Read More

Report: Who stops out of education and why?

From Inside Higher Ed: “Students who stop out of college are disproportionately women, low income and working students, according to a new study by the… Read More

Are post-pandemic campuses finally ready for competency-based education?

From EdSurge: “We checked in with a longtime proponent of competency based education: Paul LeBlanc, the president of Southern New Hampshire University. And he lays… Read More

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