Nearly 1.5 million mothers are still missing from the workforce


How the pandemic has influenced social media marketing


Kiosk helps Redwood Hill Farm create a fresh new website


How college students learned new ways to cheat during pandemic remote schooling


Reflecting on one year of working from home


Students struggling with mental health often confide in professors. They want more guidance on how to help.

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Use technology as an enabler

From Salesforce: “Create belonging in online communities: In a survey, students said online communities were vital to helping them adapt to the pandemic. Almost… Read More

What is emotional intelligence and why do we need to teach it?

From Observatory: “Skills for self-knowledge, emotional management, and efficient communication have become a critical need in pandemic times. … A high level of emotional intelligence… Read More

Bristol’s ‘Science of Happiness’ course re-packaged as a BBC podcast

From University of Bristol: “A new BBC podcast will bring the University of Bristol’s ground-breaking Science of Happiness course to a much wider audience. …… Read More

Could the summer slide become a Covid crash?

From The Chronicle: “Forget summer slide — the well-documented skills slippage students experience over summer break. This year, some fear it might seem more like… Read More

A new higher ed coalition forms to push for doubling of Pell Grants

From Forbes: “The Double Pell Alliance is launching a campaign to advance the #DoublePell movement. Its website can be found here. … The membership of… Read More

FAFSA completion falls 4.8%

From Inside Higher Ed: “An estimated 53.3 percent of the Class of 2021 completed a FAFSA by July 2. But about 102,000 fewer seniors completed… Read More

Campuses fear losing 10 per cent of fees as Europeans stay away

From Times Higher Education: “Some English universities could lose up to 10 per cent of their fee income if forecasts about the loss of revenue… Read More

MIT & Harvard have sold higher education’s future

From The Chronicle: ”…Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology sold their edX platform to a for-profit company for $800 million. … Their decision… Read More

Online education provider is worth $7 billion after going public

From Forbes: “At its last fundraising round in July 2020, the company [Coursera] was valued at $2.6 billion according to Pitchbook. It’s now worth nearly… Read More

Is your OPM really sharing the risk?

From RNL: “Opting for an Online Program Management (OPM) partner to jump start a school’s online programming needs may be a tempting short-term solution. …… Read More

How parents are thinking about paying for college

From Bloomberg: “Parents are shouldering an increasing percentage of the burden. More than half of the cost of college for the average student is met… Read More

Nearly $3 billion of student loans cancelled, racial wealth gap could be closing

From Forbes: “President Biden has already canceled a total of $2.8 billion in debt, with more plans on the horizon. Education is one area where… Read More

Trump bid to restrict international student visas dropped

From University World News: “Joe Biden’s administration has withdrawn a proposal by his predecessor, Donald Trump, to bring in visa restrictions for academic students, exchange… Read More

Smaller US colleges try big fee cuts to tempt students back

From Times Higher Education: “Many of the most attention-grabbing cuts so far appeared to be at smaller colleges with religious affiliations, reflecting long-term struggles at… Read More

Report: To reach educational attainment goals, student parents must be reengaged in higher education

From Diverse Education: “In 2019, only 43% of all adults in the United States had completed a postsecondary degree, according to the Institute of Women’s… Read More

After a year of losses, higher ed’s work force is growing again

From The Chronicle: “After shedding a net of 660,000 workers over the course of the pandemic, the labor force that powers America’s colleges and universities… Read More

EU students face threefold fee hike at some English universities

From Times Higher Education: “Students from the European Union choosing to study in England face fees up to three times higher due to Brexit changes… Read More

New network to accelerate skills-based education and hiring

From Business Wire: “The Open Skills Network (OSN), a coalition of more than 40 employers, educational organizations, and technology providers, announced the group is working… Read More

The rise of skills-based hiring and what it means for education

From Forbes: “Discipline-based courses have been the standardized measure for units of secondary and postsecondary learning for 130 years. But it’s becoming widely appreciated that… Read More

Introducing skills path, a new way to help companies hire

From LinkedIn: “Workers don’t often realize that the skills they have for one job can be easily transitioned to another job. But the fact is,… Read More

IBM collaborates with 30 organizations to re-skill & connect the workforce with real career opportunities

From IBM Newsroom: “ManpowerGroup will allow learners on IBM SkillsBuild to progress to in-demand roles by connecting their skills with current market needs. This supports… Read More

Adaptability is set to be the key skill for the future

From University World News: “As economies adapt and labour markets are in flux, focusing the curriculum on transferable skills can produce what Patrick O’Donnell et… Read More

Top universities make face mask that detects COVID-19 infections

From Slash Gear: “Harvard and MIT researchers teamed up to develop a face mask capable of detecting if the wearer is infected with SARS-CoV-2, the… Read More

The missing men

From The Chronicle: “Last fall, male undergraduate enrollment fell by nearly 7 percent, nearly three times as much as female enrollment, according to the National… Read More

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