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First-look fall 2021 enrollment

From National Student Clearinghouse Research Center: “Fall 2021 enrollment numbers show no signs of recovery from last year’s declines. Undergraduate enrollment is down 3.2 percent… Read More

How the onset of the pandemic affected the 2020 admissions season

From The Chronicle: “Over all, the picture that emerges is that institutions accepted far more students in 2020 and a lower share of those students… Read More

Proof points: Many young adults choose work over college, report shows

From The Hechinger Report: “Low-income young adults appear to be fleeing higher education in the highest numbers because colleges and universities that serve this population… Read More

The crisis in black university enrollment and graduation

From University World News: “Figures released by the Virginia-based National Student Clearinghouse Research Center in early October showed that since the start of the pandemic… Read More

Struggling to fill a dangerous and growing labor gap

From Inside Higher Ed: “Hospitals across the country continue to hemorrhage nurses as many retire or leave the profession … Would-be nursing students appear eager… Read More

3 takeaways from Udemy’s initial public offering

From Higher Ed Dive: “Udemy became the latest education technology company to go public, raising $421 million in its initial public offering. With shares selling… Read More

A new push to create a 3-year degree option

From Inside Higher Ed: “What if students, via an overhauled undergraduate curriculum, could complete a bachelor’s degree in three years, with summer breaks, holidays and… Read More

Student engagement slips as pandemic curtails collaboration

From Times Higher Education: “Less than two-thirds of UK undergraduates feel that their universities have ensured the quality of their academic experience during the pandemic,… Read More

UK union calls three-day strike next month over pay and pensions

From Times Higher Education: “Three days of strike action affecting dozens of UK universities next month have been announced by the University and College Union…. Read More

The experimental university (Part 1)

From Evolllution: “The overall dimensions of education failure are obvious. The bleak numbers are reported year after year: 20% of high school students don’t graduate… Read More

Minerva University’s plan to out-elite Harvard

From Forbes: “Not many people are up for the task of ‘out-eliting’ Harvard. But that’s exactly the shorthand that Ben Nelson, founder and chancellor of… Read More

Polymaths at the London Interdisciplinary School plan to teach universities a thing or two

From The Times: “Stroll up Whitechapel Road in east London, past Jack the Chipper and Hichki Mumbai Kitchen, and you could easily miss the most… Read More

Tuition increases remain at a historic low

From Inside Higher Ed: “College tuition increased at historically low rates for the second year in a row, a new report from the College Board… Read More

Biden’s vaccine order is broad. These campuses are trying to apply it narrowly.

From The Chronicle: “When the Biden administration issued an executive order saying federal contractors must be vaccinated against Covid-19, it was meant to apply widely…. Read More

Food pantries merge to fight campus hunger

From Inside Higher Ed: “In an effort to reach more students struggling with food insecurity, Swipe Out Hunger, a nonprofit addressing hunger among college students,… Read More

How can universities in the US tackle anti-Asian racism?

From University World News: “We should continue to voice our support and solidarity with Asian students on campus and provide tangible short- and long-term action… Read More

Google is giving all U.S. community colleges free access to their 4 career certificates

From CNBC: “Some of the biggest technology companies in the world, Google and Microsoft, are reinforcing their relationships with U.S. community colleges … Google offers… Read More

Microsoft launches community college campaign to address cybersecurity workforce shortage

From Seattle Times: “Microsoft launched a training program for community college students on Thursday in an effort to fill 250,000 cybersecurity jobs by 2025. The… Read More

Here are the jobs Americans want — and don’t want — as the pandemic lingers

From CBS News: “American workers are snubbing low-wage jobs that can’t be done remotely, new job search data shows. These sectors include childcare, food preparation… Read More

A surprise for America’s many career switchers: They need to go back to school

From The Hechinger Report: “For years, economists have been warning that more and more people hoping to switch careers would need to get additional education… Read More

Education behind and beyond bars

From Inside Higher Ed: “Spurred by the national focus on racial justice and socioeconomic disparities revealed by the pandemic, the country’s higher education institutions and… Read More

A group of California inmates just earned bachelor’s degrees while behind bars

From CNN: “A triumphant group of incarcerated students at a prison in California began a new chapter of their lives on Tuesday after graduating with… Read More

Stanford study finds why writing a letter to a teacher can turn around the lives of some students

From EdSource: “Formerly incarcerated students who wrote letters to their teachers — describing their hopes and dreams, asking for a second chance — were less… Read More

Universities keep quiet as Biden retreats from free college plan

From Times Higher Education: “Joe Biden’s year of slow retreat from his free college promise is encountering little or only muted protest from US higher… Read More

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