Mirador Invests in Their Brand


Mirador Capital Partners turns to Kiosk to express their fierce independence

Mirador Capital Partners is a private investment management firm with a Wall Street pedigree. They wanted new brand messaging, brand imagery and a new web presence to convey their brand’s rich financial experience, sophisticated investment strategies, and exceptional personal service.

Key to developing a brand that will endure is to define the brand purpose; the most important reason why the company exists. Interviews with Mirador stakeholders revealed their passion for helping people fuel and fund their lifetime dreams. “Getting to know you is the first investment we make,” was the concept Kiosk created that set the tone. From there, we showed the brand how to present themselves with a mix of authority and compassion.

The client was thrilled with their brand transformation, including a responsive-design website that delivers a first-class mobile experience. One Mirador staffer said after seeing the new website, “It’s looks so awesome. I can’t believe it’s really ours.” Sounds like the investment is paying off.

Please visit the new Mirador website.