Kiosk and Sonic Transform BART into Art Gallery

Sonic Internet has been spreading the fastest internet speeds with lower prices and phenomenal customer service throughout San Francisco, one neighborhood at a time.

To announce their arrival in SF’s Mission District, Kiosk’s media team helped negotiate a full promotional takeover of the BART Station in the heart of the Mission. The transit hub sees 300,000+ commuters pass through each day. A media opportunity like this calls for a unique creative strategy.

We imagined a visually dominant campaign that celebrates the culture and vibe of the Mission.

The big idea: Transform the Mission BART Station into an art gallery – specifically the train platforms where commuters stand and wait. We decorated 30 lighted alcoves with vibrant posters reflecting the neighborhood’s rich Latino art heritage. On the station’s mezzanine level, commuters can discover Sonic’s strong service benefits in quick, factual ad posters.

To boost awareness even more, Sonic street teams will show up with various giveaways during the month. Point is, when you’re not as big as AT&T or Comcast, you have to spend and think smarter.