Stylish New Website for Covet Fashion

Glu Mobile’s Covet Fashion offers the perfect platform for fashion enthusiasts. Millions of women around the world engage with top fashion brands and creatively express their style through this highly-social blockbuster mobile game.

Another perfect connection is the one between Covet Fashion creators Glu Mobile Inc and Kiosk. We recently launched a new company website for Glu, placing their culture and creativity front and center. Not long after, the website color palette provided inspiration for the color scheme of Glu’s new office space. Now we’re excited to launch a new website for Covet Fashion, giving the official website the kind of makeover that the game’s dedicated fans would appreciate.

“Fostering creativity and style is in our DNA,” notes Amanda Lulewicz, Covet Fashion Director of Product Marketing. “With Kiosk, we have a strong creative web development partner who can deliver the kind of highly stylized experiences that our dedicated Covet Fashion players expect.”