To Make Sense of Data, Get a Dashboard

Digital marketers are rarely short of data. But to unlock the value contained in your datastream, you need to be able to make sense of it. A good data analyst is invaluable in that regard. Of course, having the right data tools make a huge difference as well.

At Kiosk, our clients and in-house analysts utilize proprietary media performance dashboards for real time access to data. Rather than manually compiling reports from sources like Google Analytics, Double Click Manager, Facebook Business Manager and LinkedIn Campaign Manager, we’ve built client-specific dashboards, utilizing multiple APIs feeding a data warehouse, ultimately landing to a single data resource – a multi-channel unifying data dashboard.

With a dashboard in place, we have at-a-glance reporting that’s flexible enough to deliver reporting across time periods for an “All-Up” look at performance, thin slice data for specific platforms or pull back for big picture snapshots of a campaign’s traction across search and social. All with a few clicks, and all designed to provide clarity through easy-to-understand data visualization.

We use dashboards when running, optimizing and reporting on client marketing. And we’ve made them client-friendly. Curious marketing managers can spot what’s going on in their own data without having to cross-reference spreadsheets, or take a course in analytics. Data visualization makes data easier to understand, and ultimately, to act upon.

Depending on the business vertical, a Kiosk media performance dashboard can be a window into RFI volume, the path from applications started to completed (something higher education clients keep a close eye on), application submits, approvals and denials (key metrics in financial services) eCommerce sales or cart activity (for our retail clients), or fluctuations in cost for customer acquisition (a metric of universal interest, alongside budget pacing).

While our dashboard development is typically focused on giving clients dynamic understanding of their media marketing efforts, a well designed dashboard can have other applications. We recently developed a dashboard for Virtuos, the leading global game development studio.

Armed with a custom data dashboard from Kiosk, they’re able to better manage their workforce of 1,600, spread across eleven offices, developing numerous games in partnership with some of the biggest names in game publishing.

Whether the data comes from college applicants or gaming coders, data visualization does more than create pretty pictures. It turns data into an actionable resource.

Interested in making sense of your data? Give Kiosk a call.