A simple hack to ChatGPT-proof assignments using Google Drive

From Times Higher Education: “Pick any file you’ve worked on in Google Drive, then click on File > Version History > See Version History, and you’ll be presented with a detailed log of all changes made to that file. If it’s been edited by different people, you’ll also see which user made each change. Microsoft Office seems to have a similar feature, too. … It also leaves a very particular – and very human – trail of writing. If a student actually does the writing themselves, they will similarly write things, move things around, add bits, delete bits; all the usual meandering manoeuvres of human writing. … If, on the other hand, it was written for them – either by a machine or indeed by an old-fashioned human ghostwriter – then they would receive a completed text, which they could then only copy and paste all at once into the document.”

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