‘Breaking Ranks’ with ‘U.S. News’

From Inside Higher Ed: “Steven S. Koblik gave a gift to subsequent presidents of Reed College: in 1995, he declared that the college would no longer cooperate with U.S. News & World Report on its college rankings. Colin Diver, who succeeded Koblik, writes that when he arrived at Reed in 2002, he thought, ‘I’m no longer subject to the tyranny of college rankings. I don’t need to worry about some newsmagazine telling me what to do.’ In a book being published tomorrow, Breaking Ranks: How the Rankings Industry Rules Higher Education and What to Do About It (Johns Hopkins University Press), Diver describes his experience as a college president … in dealing with rankings. He absolutely agrees with the decisions Reed made about the rankings. And he believes that rankings aren’t going anywhere but that colleges can, and should, fight them.”

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