Bringing back students with no credentials

From Community College Daily: “Colorado’s Pueblo Community College (PCC) zeroed in when it learned that about 6,000 former PCC students didn’t earn a credential, said President Patricia Erjavec … PCC developed a return-to-learn program that sought SCNC students who left the college within a year or two, had already earned 30 to 45 credits, and owed the college less than $500 for various expenses. In addition, if the students completed a semester successfully, PCC would cancel their debt to the college, which would allow many of them to be eligible again for student aid. But PCC also focused on the reasons why those students dropped out in the first place–many of which are common among many community college students, said Erjavec, noting that PCC beefed up its wraparound services to keep returning students in school. Since 2016, the program has served 532 SCNC students, with an 87% success rate, Erjavec said.”

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