Colleges have a guy problem

From The Atlantic: “In 1970, men accounted for 57 percent of college and university students. Two years later, Congress passed Title IX regulations that prohibited sex-based discrimination in any school that received federal funding. ‘The fact that the gender gap is even larger today, in the opposite direction, than it was when Congress determined that we needed a new law to promote equal education seems like something we should pay attention to,’ says Richard Reeves, a Brookings Institution senior fellow. … Long before female students outnumber men on university campuses, they outperform boys in high school. … ‘For decades, guys have been less likely to graduate from high school, less likely to enroll in college immediately, and less likely to finish college and earn a diploma,’ Reeves told me. ‘There is a linear educational trajectory for girls and women. Boys and men tend to zigzag their way through adolescence.’”

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