Coursera vs. 2U/edX? Noodle joins the fray

From Inside Higher Ed: “… The two publicly traded companies both valued in the billions, describe themselves as ‘lifelong learning platforms’… and the main question seems to be which gets a bigger share. Not if John Katzman has anything to do with it. … Having ‘utterly disrupted the degree space,’ as Katzman declares with his usual immodesty, he and Noodle aim to do the same in the marketplace for helping colleges and universities earn their rightful place as providers of non-degree courses and credentials for a lifetime of learning. The University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University and Columbia University, all of which also work with some combination of Coursera, edX and 2U, are the first three institutions to sign on to work with Noodle on promoting non-degree courses and programs.”

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