Credentialing market is ‘Innovation’ and ‘Chaos’

From Inside Higher Education: “There are now 1,076,358 unique credentials available across the country, up from 967,734 last year. The report also identifies more than 59,692 different credential providers … A credential provider ‘could be a traditional four-year institution, it could be a community college, it might be a state licensing board, it might be Google, or Cisco, or a boot camp,’ Scott Cheney, CEO of Credential Engine, said. ‘The diversity of the marketplace is both a good thing and a challenge. It shows there’s a lot of innovation and there’s a lot of different ways to advance yourself, but we don’t have good information still about which ones are the best ways, and that’s what we really have to focus on … It’s easy to get lost in this chaos.’”

View the full article from Inside Higher Ed.

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