Djokovic debacle: Implications for international students

From University World News: “One may have hoped that, while handling the return of hundreds of international students from multiple countries may have been complex, a single tennis player would not have been ‘too hot to handle!’ This debacle reflects terribly on Australia at a time when those within international education are doing their best to return to ‘business as usual’ after two years of Fortress Australia, AU$30 billion (US$22 billion) in lost revenue and more than 40,000 unemployed in the higher education sector as a result. The way Djokovic’s entry into the country has been handled will put huge, unnecessary stress on any prospective international student looking to study in Australia who fears they may be deported for having made a mistake on their entry paperwork or for not being up to date on their booster vaccine.”

View the full article from University World News.

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