edX staked its reputation on its nonprofit status. What will it mean to be part of for-profit 2U?

From EdSurge: “What will the arrangement mean for the more than 150 university partners that helped build edX over the years … Agarwal … says that the vast majority of college presidents, provosts and professors he’s spoken with have been reassured by the details of the arrangement. He listed those details: that 2U has committed to continue the key mission of edX, including continuing to offer free versions of courses; that the sale price of $800 million will all go to a new nonprofit entity that will advance equity in education; that ‘not a single penny of the $800 million will [go] to either me or MIT or Harvard or the employees’; and that the open-source platform that edX courses run on, Open Edx, will be maintained by the new nonprofit rather than by 2U.”

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