Here are the jobs Americans want — and don’t want — as the pandemic lingers

From CBS News: “American workers are snubbing low-wage jobs that can’t be done remotely, new job search data shows. These sectors include childcare, food preparation and service, personal care and home health, and loading and stocking … In the last 12 weeks, job searches for these fields have declined by between 4% and 8%, Indeed said. … At the same time, job searches for jobs that pay higher wages and that can be done remotely have surged, Indeed found. These include fields such as information technology operations and help desk roles, as well as civil engineering. The findings suggest that many employers may continue struggling to attract new hires amid a constellation of challenges, such as a smaller U.S. labor force, ongoing concerns about COVID-19 and competition from better-paying industries.”

View the full article from CBS News.

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