How online learning fits in this fall

From Inside Higher Ed: “ ‘What I’m hearing right now is almost everyone wants to be in person and they really want to replicate fall 2019,’ said Bryan Alexander, a senior scholar at Georgetown University who has been tracking colleges’ responses to the coronavirus. ‘Going into July, President Biden said July 4 will be our new independence day, and then Delta hit … They were really afraid that this would be costly. … I think a lot of colleges are in a wait-and-see mode, start from the assumption of in-person but be ready to flip,’ Alexander said. ‘They’re also trying to learn lessons from last year, and I think each campus learns a different lesson. Some of them have learned that in-person is worth it for them, and they’ll say we’ve got sufficient public health countermeasures and we can handle it. And others are just really afraid of a financial hit.’ ”

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