‘I can breathe a little bit more.’ How student debt relief will affect 8 borrowers, in their words

From PBS News Hour: “‘The changes will have a significant impact on me, and my family as well. My partner’s remaining student debt will be completely wiped out and it’s like, I can hardly believe that it will be gone. … Financially it matters. But mentally and emotionally — that’s huge, to just have that weight lifted.’‘As long as you’re making payments, it won’t continue to accrue interest, that alone gives me hope, to be honest. Because prior to that, I had kind of resigned myself to never being able to have kids, to living in my little tiny condo — which I was only able to afford because of the pause in payments themselves. Knowing that by the time that I am able to make large payments on it, that it’s not doubled or tripled, it helps me look at life with a brighter future, I guess.’”

View the full article from PBS News Hour.

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