MacKenzie Scott Donated $560 million to 23 HBCUs. These are the other things they have in common

From The Chronicle: “…What distinguished the 23 institutions Scott chose from the other 78 accredited HBCUs that she didn’t? … A study led by a scholar from Rutgers University offers further insight. A report based on the study and released on Thursday used federal data from the National Center for Education Statistics to identify commonalities between the intuitions that were chosen in comparison with those that were not. Among the findings: The HBCUs that received donations enrolled more first-time college students. … They had higher retention and graduation rates, too. The HBCUs chosen had, on average, a retention rate that was 15-percent higher than those that weren’t. On average, the institutions that received donations had six-year graduation rates that were 16-percent higher than the other HBCUs.”

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