Number of new Chinese students at U.S. colleges plummeted this fall, visa data show

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “The number of U.S. visas issued to Chinese students for the new academic year plunged from pre-pandemic levels, an alarming development for American colleges that have come to rely on tuition dollars from a booming Chinese market. Still, the total number of new student visas awarded for the fall of 2022 was up, thanks to surging demand from India … More than 84,000 student, or F-1, visas were issued to Indian students during the critical months of May to August, the period that accounts for the bulk of student-visa issuances. … Only about 47,000 F-1 visas went to Chinese students this summer, 40,000 fewer than were issued from May to August 2021, a 45-percent decline.”

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