Online and hybrid learning are increasingly popular. Now colleges have to keep up.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Eighty-one percent of the administrators surveyed reported that enrollment of traditional-age undergraduates in in-person courses stagnated or declined between the fall of 2021 and the fall of 2022, the time period examined. Meanwhile, 56 percent of them said that enrollment in online or hybrid classes grew. The report defines traditional-age undergraduates as younger than 25 years old. … Colleges, meanwhile, are still figuring out how to respond, the survey found. Around 40 percent of administrators surveyed said they are prioritizing the demand for online learning. Thirty-six percent agreed that their institutions are ‘reexamining our strategic priorities in light of demands,’ while 10 percent said the push to online learning is ‘difficult to keep up’ with.”

View the full article from The Chronicle of Higher Education. [Subscription required.]

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