Report: More education doesn’t always mean more earnings

From Inside Higher Ed: “The report found that a worker with a bachelor’s degree earns a median $2.8 million over a lifetime, averaging about $70,000 per year. Workers with some college education earn a median $1.9 million over the course of their careers, an average of $47,500 per year, and associate degree holders earn a median $2 million, an annual $50,000 on average. However, 28 percent of associate degree holders, 23 percent of workers with some college education and 16 percent of workers with only a high school diploma earn more than half of workers who hold a bachelor’s degree, the report said. Employees in some more lucrative fields, such as engineering and architecture, can earn as much or more as employees at a higher education level across fields.”

View the full article from Inside Higher Ed.

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