Rethinking cybersecurity jobs as a vocation instead of a profession

From Dark Reading: “Within the cybersecurity industry, the prevailing mindset is that security practitioners are professionals. Thus, a direct consequence of this mindset is that a college degree is required for many cybersecurity jobs. A recent (ISC2) report indicates that 86% of the current cybersecurity workforce has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Furthermore, a quick search on shows about 46,000 cybersecurity jobs, of which 33,000 (>70%) require a degree. However, many cybersecurity practitioners I know would rightfully argue that a college degree isn’t needed to do most jobs in cybersecurity, and strict adherence to this requirement disqualifies many deserving candidates. But removing the requirement for a college degree raises the question: Are these actually professional jobs, or should they be recast as vocational jobs?”

View the full article from Dark Reading.

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