The unasked question about the student loan bailout: What’s colleges’ responsibility?

From The Hechinger Report: “Claudio Martinez followed every step of the process that culminated with President Joe Biden declaring that a part of all that debt would be forgiven. But there was one thing Martinez didn’t hear … any discussion of universities’ and colleges’ responsibility for the poor return that many borrowers got for their investment. ‘What I don’t see is a mention of who made money in the last 20 years out of this system,’ said Martinez, executive director of Zero Debt Massachusetts, a grassroots organization of students, families and activists in that state. Colleges and universities have largely escaped scrutiny over why so many Americans have so much debt from educations that often took longer and cost more than expected, led to jobs that didn’t pay enough to cover their loans or never finished a degree at all.”

View the full article from The Hechinger Report.

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