These 4 in-demand skills are spreading so fast, they’re becoming foundational

From WorkingNation: “In a report released December 1, How Skills are Disrupting Work, the Burning Glass Institute looks at how fast-emerging skills are disrupting the labor market. ‘These four skills – AI / machine learning, cloud computing, product management, and social media – are now required in 1 in 8 job postings representing 5 million job openings just over the last year,’ according to the research. … ‘For workers, this is an opportunity to put yourself in the cat bird seat in your career to be able to say, okay, where is the market going? What are the sets of skills that offer me not only the greatest value, the greatest pay premiums, and so forth, but what are the skills that are most likely to move me up.’”

View the full article from WorkingNation.

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