Understanding the Impact of Coaching with InsideTrack

Posted by Munir Haddad, November 2021

A key area of expertise for Kiosk is higher education enrollment marketing, and our success stories in that area are often the result of close collaboration with InsideTrack, the national coaching nonprofit specializing in student success. 

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, InsideTrack has released their 2021 Impact Report, which highlights the power of coaching at every stage of the student journey, from consideration to completion. 

For professionals dedicated to empowering people through education and the economic mobility education offers—a mission Kiosk is highly aligned with—the Impact Report offers valuable perspectives gained through InsideTrack’s unparalleled expertise in evidence-based, outcome-driven coaching methodologies. 

Some key highlights and takeaways from The Power of Coaching

Enrollment coaching impacts outcomes: InsideTrack research shows that students who receive coaching during enrollment are not only more likely to enroll in higher education. They’re also more likely to find the right-fit program for them and ultimately graduate. Those early coaching conversations gives students a sense of belonging and encourages prospective students to develop habits and strategies that are foundational for further education success.

Enrollment coaching generates insights: Prospective student attitudes and circumstances evolve over time. Enrollment coaching gives institutions “the voice of the prospect,” with insights on attitudes, preferences and challenges which can be used to address roadblocks and enhance the overall student experience.

The power of persistence pays dividends: For students who are facing challenges, retention coaching can ensure that they do persist in their endeavours. Retention coaching can help students clarify goals, identify potential obstacles and stay connected to the reasons that drew them to higher education in the first place.

On-demand coaching is urgently needed: COVID-19 was a seismic event for higher education, creating new challenges for students. InsideTrack was able to secure funding from the ECMC Foundation to offer student support at no cost to participating institutions, via phone, text and email support for students utilizing best practices developed over more than a decade by InsideTrack’s professional Crisis Support Services team. ECMC’s president notes that InsideTrack is “delivering urgently needed support to students and assisting the institutions who serve them in building long-term support capacity.”

Career coaching is key for workers in transition: Just as COVID-19 impacted the higher education sector, it displaced countless people from the workforce. The Indiana Governor’s Workforce Cabinet and Ivy Tech Community College pointed the way towards an impactful solution, partnering with InsideTrack to provide free career coaching to thousands of Indiana State residents.

Like InsideTrack, we at Kiosk believe that everyone has the potential to grow and learn. We’re excited to collaborate with them on enrollment initiatives and applaud the philanthropic organizations and government agencies that support their work. It’s a collective effort that demonstrates the ability of coaching and education to change lives, year after year.

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