Kiosk Hosts Girl Noticed Mural Project

On Thursday, March 17, 2016, Kiosk was privileged to host Florida artist Lori Pratico and photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan’s Girl Noticed project in Novato to create the 12th mural in their series.

The artists are traveling to the 50 states to produce a series of large format public murals and interactive art exhibits, each depicting a female that has been nominated from their community to be noticed. The mural in Novato, in the Kiosk parking lot on a wall owned by our neighbor Old Town Glass, depicts Laura Holmes Haddad, a Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer survivor who is actively assisting other cancer patients navigate their cancer journey, from patient to survivor.

The mural was crafted in charcoal, which means that weather conditions and time will naturally and quickly fade the image away. Artist Lori Pratico explained, “There is a window of time to ‘Notice’ the artwork, to ‘Notice’ the girl. All of the murals represent the message — when an individual’s talents, intelligence and character are left unnoticed, they may fade away, disappear or be replaced and never be seen or developed into their full potential. ”

Laura Holmes Haddad enthused, “It is an honor to be represented in such a beautiful way. I hope that this mural provides strength to the many members of our community whose lives have been touched by cancer.”

Claire Knoles, Kiosk’s co-founder, remarked, “Kiosk is a strong supporter of the arts and of our community. Laura is a great contributor and we’re happy to have her represented prominently by our offices. Lori and Elizabeth’s art is inspiring to all of our team members.”