Kiosk Begins 2019 in the Green

Kiosk is proud to announce that our US office has been re-certified as a Green Business, a designation Kiosk has held since 2012. Certification comes via the County of Marin’s Green Business Program, which is part of the California Green Business Network.

At Kiosk we strive to be good neighbors and active participants in our local community. Our values include using good judgement in our actions, doing more with less, and inspiring others to do the same. Committing to the environmental standards promoted by the Green Business Program aligns well with the type of company we strive to be, and ongoing certification helps us know that we’re meeting those goals.

We appreciate the ongoing guidance that the Green Business Program offers, as we incorporate green thinking into more aspects of daily life at Kiosk. In the past year, for example, they provided useful resources for our onsite composting program. We’re excited to be part of the Green Business Program, and encourage other North Bay businesses to get informed and take part.