Outside What Box?

There is a proverbial box.  It’s the place where we put the things that we can easily categorize.  It’s a box, because it’s square.  The analogy is there for a reason.  Nice and neat little box.

Creative people like to talk about “thinking outside the box,” which is laudable.  Think outside that box.  Good.  We’re at least getting somewhere.  But you’re still referencing a point, so “thinking outside the box” can be fraught with it’s own problems.  Like focusing too much on the damn box as you’re trying to be outside it.  Am I outside the box?  Am I outside enough?

No, the best thing is a blissful ignorance about this box or any box–an ability to take a baby’s mind’s eye to a problem.  Referencing nothing less than an ideal solution to a problem set before you.  Devoid of preconceived notions.  Free and open to opportunities.

Sometimes in business the most successful are the ones who are not aware of the rules, they didn’t know that there was a box, so they naturally think beyond that archaic framework and they aren’t concerned about whether their often elegant solutions are inside, outside or all around (apologies to Tribe Called Quest).