Smarter Media Planning Starts with Integrity

In a world where every media dollar counts, is counted, and expected to justify its existence, the integrity of your marketing plan and agency relationship is paramount. At Kiosk, we believe that when it comes to spending media dollars, trust is earned by acting with integrity. What does that look like in practice?

Making your ad dollars work harder

Kiosk uses all available data, historical and real-time, to optimize spends to the media sources that will best attain your goals.

Knowing when to say “no”

More spend doesn’t always mean more value. As your agent, we look for points of diminishing returns and will not be afraid to recommend when it’s time to pull back, hold steady, or re-allocate.

Understanding your business

With the right data we can tell stories and discover opportunities. Kiosk can help you make business decisions based on historical trends that can lead to more efficient use of resources, and focus efforts logistically.

Building a marketing plan that addresses your goals and looks beyond them

Your success is our success. We want to grow with you, year after year. It is that mindset that inspires us to not only take an informed plan of action towards today’s goals, but anticipate what may come next, and outline how we’ll get there, together.

Being smart about being adventurous, and taking pride in our partnerships

A constantly evolving media landscape offers opportunities to try new things. Testing new ad platforms and bringing creative ideas to your table is an important part of our media partnership. When new ideas work, we have something to celebrate. And when they don’t, we acknowledge it, learn from it, and clear the whiteboard to brainstorm the next challenge.

At Kiosk, we take a holistic approach to planning and optimizing media investments across channels and platforms, from Search, Social, and Display, to TV, Radio, OOH and more. We take our expertise, learning, and insight to market, in a relentless pursuit of doing better, every day.

Looking for integrity in your 2019 media plans? Get in touch for a chat.