Northampton University: Utilizing Facebook for Communicating with Students

A few Facebook platforms have been adopted by Northampton University to be the first port of call for communicating with students. The portal, created using Toluna’s technology, will provide information that previously would only have been accessible through the university website or noticeboard.

The platform engages interactively with students allowing them to participate in surveys and discussions to generate invaluable feedback for the university

Delia Heneghan, director of Marketing at the university says, “With a growing reliance on communication via social media rather than through more traditional means, we needed a way to engage and gather feedback from current students as well as attract prospective candidates. Crucially it will also establish a new channel of communication with parents, advisors and alumni.”

There are plans to expand the portal to interact with international students – a key group for the University’s recruitment team, and a really easy way for them to feel involved and informed.

This use of social media exemplifies the marketing principle of going where your target audience is already present to allow them to easily access information and give feedback.