Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

Walgreen’s is not the first company to come to mind when people think about being a part of digital trends but maybe it should be. With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, society has become more visually inclined. Paired with the evolution of cameras in mobile devices, people are constantly sharing pictures online of themselves, their pets, daily activities and other moments of their lives with ease.   Many people would love to have these images for longer than the life of their phones and Walgreens along with many developers are capitalizing on this photo craze. Walgreens recently launched a Developer Portal, letting app developers incorporate Walgreens printing services into their mobile applications.

First set of partners for the deal include GroupShot, Kicksend, Pic Stitch, Pinweel, and StillShot, although Walgreens is hoping to expand into many more photo apps. With this new feature Walgreens keeps themselves and their services relevant. A key step in which many more companies need to learn to embrace to survive in the marketplace.