Time for an Ivy League in the UK?

In the lead article in the THE (Times Higher Education) magazine this month, Terence Healey, Vice Chancellor of Buckingham University argues that it is time for the UK to have an “Ivy League” of elite, private universities.

Healey argues that the high level of ranking achieved by US’s eight Ivy League universities creates such high level of competition for other state funded universities to aspire to, benefitting the overall higher education system. He also poses the question that if these top colleges in US can happily get by financially on alumni donations, research grants and student fees why can’t the top UK universities do the same? Without the restraints of public funding top universities would be free to select quality related research money from the Higher Education Funding Council for England, as well as, be free to charge higher levels of tuition fees.

Currently universities must figure out where to access public financial support that requires them to meet certain criteria that does not necessarily promote excellence, or play to their strengths.

Terence Healey will present these views at the prestigious Gresham College lecture on 17th October.

Source: Times Higher Education, issue published-11-17th October.