Kiosk helps Redwood Hill Farm create a fresh new website

Nestled in the hills of Sonoma County, Redwood Hill Farm has been sharing delicious, nourishing goat milk products with communities across the country for over fifty years. With humble beginnings and a reputation for pure goodness and consistency, it is a company for whom “Farm” is not just a word — it’s a core identity and ethos. So when the team at Redwood Hill Farm asked for Kiosk’s help in designing and developing their new website, we were all in!

Having just undergone a rebrand — complete with logo and packaging updates — Redwood Hill Farm wanted its website to reflect the same bright, clean, and fresh personality so central to its products. To achieve this, we employed a new color palette of blue, indigo, pink, and orange, and a crisp white background. The navigation is simple, clear, and visually engaging, with each page boasting expansive images from the farm itself, and sweet, playful line drawings to tie in the new product packaging.

There is a new, highly visual product page, where customers can see the stellar product lineup at a glance, along with streamlined pathways to shop and purchase. For those customers who want to learn more about the goats living at the first Certified Humane® goat dairy in the country, there is a page where you can “meet the goats” and read the life stories of some of the Farm’s favorite goat residents and the high-quality conditions in which they live.

“Our website redesign was an important next step in the evolution of our brand,” said Brand Manager Seair Lorentz. “We needed a partner who understood our industry, our values, and our vision for the future. Kiosk was that partner, and our team is thrilled at how well our new website reflects who we are and where we’re going.”

The end result is a beautiful website that loads an extensive library of recipes and stories at lightning fast speeds and reflects the bright and playful energy of a beloved local business. It’s always an honor to work with a company who shares our North Bay home — and even more so when it’s a company like Redwood Hill Farm that’s good for your gut, good for the goats, and good for the planet too.