Kiosk Helps Signal 88 Deliver Peace of Mind

National security services franchisor Signal 88 recently revamped their brand, putting the promise of peace of mind front and center. They turned to Kiosk to create a new website that reflects that positioning, built responsively to shine on mobile and tablets, with features like a dynamic location widget to reflect their national presence.

In a market where dark and even intimidating imagery is the easy and predictable go-to for security firms, Kiosk, in partnership with brand development consultants Growers and Nomads, helped Signal 88 take an industry-leadership stance with design and photography that’s clean, bright and heroic.

Through extensive principle photography with Kiosk’s in-house photographer, we put a human face—in reality, and appropriately, a diverse range of faces—on a company that’s focused on helping people feel secure in their businesses, neighborhoods and communities. Signal 88 has a different story to tell in the security business, and Kiosk was able to vividly express that story at the first point of contact for customers and franchisees, online.

Kiosk presented Signal 88’s new look at the company’s annual conference in Tampa, in front of several hundred staff members and franchisees. The feedback? Signal 88 can move forward, secure in the knowledge that their public face reflects the sense of peace of mind they provide for the clients and communities they serve.