Out of Home Media Delivers Brand Lift for AI Company Beyond Limits

The AI industry is projected to reach $169.41 billion by 2025. In this hyper-competitive landscape, early-stage companies like Beyond Limits need effective marketing strategies to build brand awareness and drive customer acquisition. Outspending high-profile AI competitors like IBM was never an option for Beyond Limits. However, utilizing media smartly was. In 2019, they engaged Kiosk as their media partner, for full-funnel media campaigns aimed at C-level decision-makers and the subject-matter experts who report to them.

Our media efforts initially focused on traditional performance media tactics like search, social, and display. However, by driving more awareness with out-of-home media, we were able to demonstrate significant brand lift across digital platforms. Out-of-home media tactics included targeting commuters traveling to and from the Seattle airport as well as commuters going to the headquarters of companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and Amazon. In Houston, we focused on locations like the Energy Corridor district, where major energy companies cluster.

Comparing the 36 days before and after launching OOH media, with no major change in performance media spend, we saw significant lift in social traffic for Beyond Limits. Results were particularly strong in Seattle, where we drove a 2000% increase in Facebook clicks and almost 3000% increase in LinkedIn traffic. Other notable metrics include over 200% lift in organic search in Seattle.

Metrics in Houston reflected similar trends on social. With more pre-existing awareness, and a longer-running performance campaign in place, brand lift was less dramatic. However, we drove almost 500% higher traffic on LinkedIn and over 300% on Facebook, bolstering our strategy of blending OOH and digital performance media for Beyond Limits.

“The ability to deliver granular results makes performance marketing the logical choice for clients like Beyond Limits,” notes Joe Silvestri, Kiosk’s EVP, Client Partnerships. “However, when budget is tight, it can be challenging to consider big picture opportunities that include media that is less attributable. As such, out-of-home can be a tough sell in the world of performance marketing. We’re excited that Beyond Limits was open to trying different customer acquisition strategies, and that we were able to demonstrate that our blended media tactics delivered tangible brand lift for them. We believe it’s a strategy that will pay dividends for clients when obvious out-of-home opportunities present themselves, as they did for Beyond Limits in Seattle and Houston.”

Dann Wilkens, Chief Marketing Officer at Beyond Limits, adds, “By aligning our media program to our sales objectives, the majority of our click and impression shares reached executives in companies who are investing in AI solutions for their business units. Our calibration of objectives, goals, and media tactics, helped us reach this expensive audience at lower rates – which is a great outcome for the campaign.”