Tips for Decluttering Your PPC Accounts

Tips for Decluttering Your PPC Accounts

It’s the time of year when flyers pop up around the neighborhood for yard sales, as people clear out their garages, basements and backyards. Without the occasional decluttering, it can be hard to make the most of the space that you actually have. The same can be true of even the best-structured PPC accounts. In the quest for better ROI, it’s easy to add more content. Let too much accumulate, and you’ll eventually find your account cluttered with deadweight.

You don’t have to haul all your inactive inventory out to the sidewalk. But you should periodically review keywords, ads, adgroups, campaigns and extensions, and consider deleting things that are not adding value. Here’s my quick guide to things worth reviewing and potentially removing.

  • Paused inventory that is not likely to be reactivated.
  • Inactive inventory. Look at all your ‘active’ keywords for keywords with zero impressions. Anything not impressing may be a candidate for deletion.
  • Review all keywords by status, focusing on ‘Eligible: limited’ and ‘Not triggering ads: critical issues’. These keywords should either be fixed or tossed. Keywords with low search volume may be fixable by using a more inclusive match type like ‘broad modified’.
  • Keywords with low quality score, below first page bid.
  • Poor performing inventory. Look at you accounts overall health and draw a line in the sand and delete or fix anything that doesn’t make the cut.

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