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Munir Haddad

Founder, CEO, Marketing’s Mad Scientist

How do we best describe Munir? Brand Alchemist? Social CRM Pioneer? Sustainable Capitalist? Fearless Leader? SuperDad? In fact, all of these would fit the man to a tee. Over the past 20 years, Munir has helped build some of the world’s most exciting brands—Sony PlayStation, MTV, Reebok, Nintendo, and Electronic Arts—developing and leading successful integrated marketing programs focused on tangible ROI. His uncanny ability to find wildly creative solutions to our clients’ toughest challenges should hardly be a surprise, though. The man likes to run up mountains, for Pete’s sake.

Of course, if we asked Munir what he would want you to know about himself, he’d probably either tell you that he is an avid supporter of youth education, especially science and technology, or that there’s way more to Dartmouth College than Animal House (actually, don’t get him started on Dartmouth. Just trust us.)

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