Helping people on the path to better mental health with Mindpath

Mindpath Health is a fast-growing, leading, independent provider of high-quality outpatient mental health services. They offer a range of mental health services for patients, providers, and corporations.

The Challenge

For too long, simply finding a mental health services provider has placed an onerous burden on potential patients, who often find themselves playing phone tag with providers who may not be accepting new patients, or insurance.

The rise of telemedicine care has been matched by a rise in networks designed to solve the problem of more easily matching patients and providers. With a fast growing network, Mindpath Health engaged Kiosk to help differentiate them in this somewhat crowded space.

The Solution

Kiosk undertook extensive stakeholder interviews, and in-depth competitive analysis, to better understand the rapidly evolving mental health provider network space and Mindpath’s place in it. We encouraged Mindpath to lean into their existing brand assets, including the brand name (having previously traded as Community Psychiatry) and distinctive color palate. And with the discussion on mental health commonly referred to as a journey, we developed a new tagline—your path to better mental health.

The Results

Mindpath online and out of home marketing campaigns featured the new tagline, more provocative copy and creative that more consistently embraced the brand’s distinctive assets. In a crowded market where prospective clients are seeking mental health solutions, we were proud to help many find their path with Mindpath.

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