Kiosk Brings Referrals to City National Bank

Would you recommend your bank to your friends, family or business associates? City National Bank customers do. These trusted recommendations are the focus of City National’s latest campaign, heralding CNB as “the bank built on client referrals.”

Kiosk is getting the message out to business owners, entrepreneurs and clients seeking business banking and wealth planning services, via a multichannel launch that included high-visibility out-of-home placements, TV, print media and digital executions. Whether you’re driving through San Francisco’s i80 interchange, taking a commuter flight into New York, or listening to your favorite finance podcast, Kiosk is building awareness for CNB with a smartly-targeted media mix.

“CNB’s client referrals campaign speaks to the importance that mentors and trusted advisors play in decision making,” notes Kiosk Account Executive Julien Barbe. “That carries through to our work targeting entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and others who will appreciate the level of service that CNB offers. Empowering our clients to connect with the right people at right time with the right message is something that we pride ourselves on at Kiosk.”

Need an agency that comes with solid referrals? Give Kiosk a call.