We Created So Much Demand for Sonic, We Had to Help Them Hire More Staff

Kiosk’s media partnership with internet/phone service provider Sonic went into high gear in 2016. Collaborating with Sonic, we were so successful connecting them with new customers that we next launched a Sonic staff recruitment campaign to ensure their award-winning customer service and field ops teams could keep pace with Sonic’s rapidly growing customer base in the Bay Area, Sacramento and Los Angeles. We did so while nearly tripling SEM click through rate, driving down cost per acquisition by 30% and increasing conversions by 33%.

“Kiosk has been a great partner for Sonic,” notes Katie McDonagh, Sonic Marketing Media Manager. “They took the time to really understand our business and market. Targeting is crucial to us, and something at which Kiosk excels. They constantly bring us new ideas and strategies, and are able to help us react quickly to the enthusiasm that exists for our Sonic services.”

Central to Kiosk’s marketing strategy for Sonic was establishing consistency and continuity across every customer touchpoint. This included restructuring legacy SEM accounts, analyzing landing page copy and relevancy scores, optimizing ad extensions and deploying new ad formats. We also used strategic social media targeting to drive customer acquisitions below target costs.

“Sonic is an exciting challenger brand offering great product packages,” notes Kiosk’s VP of Search Marketing, Clay Schulenburg. “The USPs were there, we just had to clearly communicate them, and deliver sign-ups at an effective cost per acquisition. The fact that we ended up launching a recruitment campaign for them is a source of great pride to everyone on the team.”

In addition to search and social media marketing, Kiosk provides strategic planning and media management across digital and traditional channels, targeting specific locations as Sonic services are rolled out to new areas. Recent Sonic placements included a high visibility cover-wrap of the San Francisco Chronicle, and participation in the first advertising beta on As part of Kiosk’s media management services, utilize our own digital trading desk to continually optimize Sonic’s media mix, and geo-fence where their creative is seen.